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Whiteheads : Definition, Causes and Treatments

We are often asked what to do about whiteheads that have appeared after switching from chemical cosmetics to organic products. This is not because the skin condition worsened after switching cosmetics, but because the previously slow skin renewal process was activated and sebum secretion intensified, causing old keratin plugs and other substances to clog pores and accumulate sebum, resulting in white pimples. Since most whiteheads do not cause irritation or discomfort and are in the early stages of acne, they can be treated with good skin care. To prevent it from getting worse, it is necessary to treat whiteheads as early as possible in the whitehead stage. It is essential to sustain rejuvenation by carefully washing and scrubbing the face, avoiding the use of oily emulsions, and moisturizing properly.

What are whiteheads and where do they come from ?

Whiteheads that appear on the forehead, around the mouth, chin, etc. are caused by waste products such as keratin plugs that clog the pores and sebum that gets trapped in the pores, causing the pimples to pop up from inside the pores. If you have dry skin, sebum secretion increases to relieve the dryness, making it easier for whiteheads to form. Excessive skin care, poor cleansing, unbalanced diet, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, and an irregular lifestyle can all contribute to skin regeneration disorders. Excessive cleansing and exfoliation deprive the skin of the oil it needs, which can lead to delayed oil turnover and clogged pores with dead skin cells. Whiteheads are an early sign of acne and will clear up on their own if treated properly.

Conversely, insufficient facial cleansing can allow foundation and other contaminants to clog pores. When the body is out of balance due to hormonal imbalance, irregular lifestyle, or unbalanced diet, skin turnover is disrupted and dead skin cells are not expelled smoothly, clogging pores. If the skin is damaged by dryness or UV rays, the surface of the skin becomes hard, the pores shrink and the sebum cannot be expelled smoothly. Acne is also closely related to the female menstrual cycle. When the secretion of female hormones increases, acne is more likely to occur.

In addition, keratin plugs can form on the sides of the nose and other areas, which grow like white, pointed hairs. This happens mostly when skin cell regeneration, which had almost stopped, is activated by going organic, and the old horny plugs are pushed out by the new cells and emerge from the pores as prickles. If left untreated, they will eventually dissolve, but you can apply a honey cream or cosmetic oil after washing your face and wiping off the dandruff substance.

So, how can we treat and prevent whiteheads ?

If the whiteheads bother you a lot, you can use a face press to push out the pimples while the skin is still soft, such as after a warm bath. However, if the skin is damaged by forcibly pushing the pimple with a fingernail without considering the cause of the pimple, bacteria may invade the pores and progress to the yellow pimple stage, or the pores may enlarge and leave residual damage.

Other measures include lifestyle improvements to enhance metabolic function. These include a diet that improves circulation, moderate exercise, and consumption of vegetables, fruits, milk, soy milk. The isoflavones in soy help regulate hormonal balance. However, excessive consumption does not provide immediate benefits, so keep in mind a balanced intake. Avoid diets high in fat and sugar as much as possible and take a good balance of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B is known to prevent the overproduction of fat and promote cell renewal. Vitamin B is found in spinach, liver, tuna, sesame seeds, and garlic. Vitamin C helps fade acne scars. Rosehip, which contains 20 times more vitamin C than lemon, is recommended for toning.

The use of over-the-counter or dermatological medications is not always recommended for sensitive skin like rosacea, as they can cause anxiety and disrupt barrier function. It is important to choose cosmetics that are as gentle as possible on the skin and free of additives, preferably with 100% natural ingredients. If you use greasy makeup or UV protection, be sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly. But don't over-wash unnecessarily. Facial cleansers and scrubs should only be used at night, and in the morning, only lather your face with soap. Don't leave cleanser on the skin and don't tire it out by scrubbing too hard. Rinse well with lukewarm water, as water warmer than body temperature will remove too much oil. If you feel a slippery sensation after washing your face, you have removed too much sebum. The cleansing power of facial cleansing soaps varies from strength to strength, so it's important to choose a mild, foaming soap that doesn't irritate the skin. After washing the face, moisturize it immediately and thoroughly. There are special remedies for pimples, but they are not recommended because they tend to irritate the skin.

It is important to remember that proper face washing is a fundamental part of skin care. It is also important to avoid drinking and smoking, get a good night's sleep, exercise moderately and avoid stress and fatigue.

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