About Me


Hello everyone ! My name is Sarah, I'm 32 years old and I'm the blogger at Naturalreceipts.com.

I decided to create a simpler way to share ideas and knowledge. A blog based on science, experience and human value, where my readers are first and foremost me, my family and my loved ones. That's how Natural Receipts was born.

My love affair with beauty and fashion started when I was a little girl (like all girls do 😊). I grew up in a family of organic cosmetics enthusiasts. We were the type of family that made our soap, shampoo and skin care product all by hand.

I focus on science and my personal experience to provide useful and valuable content to all. I am excited to simplify the scientific and technical aspects for everyone through my articles.

The technical part of the blog is managed by my husband, who has a technical background. I just write the articles and choose the images. To be honest, he also helps me to choose and modify the images from time to time 😁.

Natural Receipts is a place where adding value to the readers is the one and only priority.