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Free and Easy Guide to Get Glowing Skin for New Year's Eve

Get Glowing Skin for New Year's Eve

To look luxurious on New Year's Eve, you need to start preparing now. We've compiled a detailed beauty plan for the month ahead. Follow it, and on New Year's Eve, you'll be a true queen!


You probably already have the means to take care of your skin on a daily basis. If you haven't decided yet, we suggest you opt for a combination of three powerful ingredients that are essential to giving your skin a youthful glow.

These three recommended ingredients are: encapsulated resveratrol complex, vitamin B3, and anti-aging peptides. This combination is exactly what the skin needs to look young and attractive. When you use the entire product system, visible results appear in just 4 weeks, and by the end of December, you'll already be enjoying smoother, more radiant skin.

Vitamins are an undeniable benefit to the body as a whole and to the skin in particular. But in December, there was already a serious shortage of vitamins. Regenerating serums will help you maintain the supply of vitamins in your skin. Formulas that combine three of the vitamins C and E are often the healthiest for the skin. Together, vitamins C and E offer even more powerful antioxidant protection as well as amazing results in improving the condition of the skin, making it more elastic, radiant, and healthy.

Get Glowing Skin for New Year's Eve

If you can afford it, don't hesitate to use a skin-care device with a cleansing and massaging head. By using this device to massage your skin with serum every night, you can achieve an even more pronounced effect of taut, supple skin. The cosmetic massage helps to:

  • Release tension and smooth the skin.
  • Accelerate metabolic and recovery processes.
  • Reduce puffiness.
  • Penetrate serum components deeper into the skin.

Note to mini-dress enthusiasts: anything not hidden under clothing (and what is hidden) must be perfect. Apply the toning body lotion in the morning and at night. It will make the skin smoother and firmer, and the body contours will be sharper. The extracts of acai berries, myrtle leaf, gotu kola, green tea, horse chestnut, and vitamin E fill the skin with vitality and energy.

If you have problems with the skin on your body or suffer from dryness, flaking, or redness, use a body lotion or cream twice a day. Treat yourself to the rich, bright aroma of ripe cherries. The lotion and spray fragrance will leave your skin soft and moisturized and will envelop you in a delicate fruity-floral veil. The lotion can be applied to slightly damp body skin immediately after showering. This way, the lotion will provide an even more pronounced moisturizing sensation.


Get Glowing Skin for New Year's Eve

Add a glycolic acid scrub to your skincare routine to stimulate skin renewal. It relieves dullness, renews, and evens out skin texture, thanks to the glycolic acid in the formula. From the first use, the skin glows from within and is smoother and more toned. And with each use, the result improves.

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts. And it's best done with well-groomed hands. A good moisturizer will make your hands soft, smooth, and younger in just three steps. You can opt for aroma compositions such as white tea, pink grapefruit, lemongrass, cardamom notes, cherry blossoms, jasmine,...


Masks are indispensable aids for solving various skin problems. They instantly help moisturize, cleanse, whiten, or firm the skin. They can be used as a single tool for the entire face or as a multi-mask that uses two or more types of masks at once. You can safely add multiple masks to your skin care regimen at the same time, ultimately achieving visible skin improvement on multiple indicators at once.

Suggested program for the week:

  • Monday and Thursday: scrub. 
  • Tuesday and Friday: Deep cleanse oily skin (with deep cleansing charcoal masks) or repair dry skin's lack of moisture with moisturizing gel masks; or both for combination skin (charcoal mask on T-zone and gel mask on cheeks and upper forehead).
  • Wednesday and Saturday: Try a peel-off mask for a refreshing, revitalizing, and glowing complexion. While you're at it, you can enjoy the sensations and take some spectacular "glowing" selfies!
  • Sunday: It's worth dedicating yourself to the care of your lips, which in winter are often less beautiful than we would like. We recommend a lip care product enriched with shea butter. It soothes dry and scaly lips, moisturizes them, and makes them perfectly smooth and soft.

In the hustle and bustle of New Year's Eve, take a break and enjoy a moment of calm with a book, a cup of tea, and a moisturizing mask. Pamper your complexion with a lifting mask with biocellulose, which provides a visible lift in just 2 weeks.


Get Glowing Skin for New Year's Eve

The new year is already upon us. There's still a bit to wait and exactly as much to do to get your New Year's image just right. Use hydrogel patches under the eyes 2 to 3 times a week. The result is visible from the first application. It only takes 20 minutes of patches to achieve hydrated, smoother skin under the eyes and on the face, leaving you feeling rested and refreshed.


To feel like a true queen on a fabulous New Year's Eve, the image must be meticulously planned.We're sure you've already found a dress that you'll shine in throughout New Year's Eve. Now it's time to complete the look with festive makeup. We recommend seeing several luxurious looks before choosing. You'll be able to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the vacation eve with the right makeup.


You've done a lot of work on yourself and are ready to meet the most magical night of the year. All that's left is to add a luxurious atmosphere. On New Year's Eve, feel like a chic and unforgettable woman who will be admired by all. High-end French perfumes will face this task with a rich palette of notes. Envelope yourself in the aroma of spices and flowers and start celebrating!

If you're not afraid to step out of the ordinary and fill the world around you with bright colors, choose an energetic, exciting, and bold fruity fragrance filled with luxurious notes of ripe guava and black currant for the main party of the year.

If you love sezheste and citrus notes, try a juicy, joyful scent that opens with an invigorating note of ripe mandarin (clementine). This citrus component gives the aroma a fruity, surprisingly complex, and uplifting "cup" that gives an extra helping of endorphins for all-night fun.

Then you look in the mirror and appreciate how incredibly fresh and attractive you are. And so I don't want to part with that beauty. You don't? Yes, and it's not necessary! Continue to take regular care of the skin on your face, hands, and body throughout the year, and it will revel in its youthfulness for many years to come.

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