Cool Season Beauty Routine: 10 Simple Tips For Healthy Skin

Cool Season Beauty Routine: 10 Simple Tips For Healthy Skin

The fresh season is here, and it's time to talk about cool season beauty routine. Both indoors and outdoors, humidity is now significantly reduced, which can lead to drier skin. Here are my top 10 tips for transforming your skincare routine from warm to cool weather.

The cool season beauty routine is as simple as this :

  • Use rich skin care products.

The wind and cold really damage our skin in the fall and winter. Skin care can be richer again. For the body, you can use body butter. Apply it to damp skin while you are still in the shower and wipe it off with a towel. Hands can also benefit from extra care in bad weather. Cast in a fun shape, the cream with solid hand butter is twice as fun and is also perfect as a gift.

  • Protect your skin.

Wind and weather cream can protect the delicate skin on your face from rain and cold breezes. These types of creams protect the skin from the cold and wet and also preserve its natural moisture.

A good wind and weather cream that helps care for sensitive skin is an essential part of any cool season beauty routine. We recommend creams containing valuable ingredients such as almond oil or cocoa butter for optimal protection against all weather conditions. Independent internet tests show that a cream containing these ingredients offers the best protection against the cold.

  • Keep your lips soft and plump.

Cool Season Beauty Routine: Lips protection

Our lips react very quickly to wind. The result is dry, chapped lips. It's so easy to make a DIY lip care product: the basic mix consists of only four ingredients and can easily be enhanced with a touch of honey and essential oils of your choice. I don't recommend using a lip scrub, as I've often read. Also, the sensitive skin on the lips is stressed and needs more time to regenerate.

  • Don't forget the foot care in the home spa.

Our feet need our attention even in the fall and winter. Three simple steps are enough to keep your feet soft to the touch: a relaxing foot bath, an effective foot scrub and callus removal, and a rich foot butter massage will prepare your feet for the cold season.

  • Take care of your hair.

My hair suffered from the sun, sea and pool water during the summer. In the fall, I take care of it again. Washing my hair twice a week is enough. This is how I protect it from drying out. I use a hair mask once a week to make my hair shine.

  • Try the brush massage.

The brush massage is and remains my favorite spa technique that can easily be done at home. What's especially nice about it is that it doesn't just provide benefits to the body, such as improved blood circulation. No, brush massage is also essential for the mind and soul.

Cool Season Beauty Routine: Relaxing mask

Only use the massage brush on healthy, intact skin. The best time for a brush massage is just after getting up and before showering. Brushing on dry skin is like a complete body scrub that preserves the skin's natural oils. The loosened and relaxed skin cells are then removed in the shower. I've heard different opinions about the brushing massage at night. Some people really enjoy it; others are concerned that it will make it harder to sleep. I think everyone should include it in their cool season beauty routine.

  • Get your fill of vitamins.

Especially in the fall and winter, vitamin intake is important to optimally support the skin's essential functions. Citrus fruits, in particular, contain a lot of vitamin C and are in season right now. Drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice every day is good for your health and skin. Try grapefruit or blood orange juice!

  •  Drink enough water.

Especially right now, I'm increasing my fluid intake. Every morning I make myself a big pot of tea, mostly green tea mixed with fruit tea. I drink the tea throughout the day. For me, fruit tea is one of those teas that is best enjoyed cold.

  • Get some sun.

Cool Season Beauty Routine: Get Sun

During the dark season, we often lack vitamin D. That's why I take advantage of the little bit of sun that still appears to take long walks. The botanical garden lends itself wonderfully to this, and it's great to keep discovering new ones throughout the seasons.

  • Take invigorating and contrasting showers

Contrasting showers in the morning help your skin get used to the cold. shower with warm water as usual. Then turn on the water as cold as you can stand it. It's best to run the shower head at a gentle spray and start with your right leg, then your left. Move your upper body through your arms. Repeat and finish with a cold glaze.

With a few easy changes in your beauty routine, you can optimally prepare your skin for the cold season. It stays beautiful and doesn't dry out.

You can find more inspiration and tips on cold weather beauty routines on our blog.

What does your cool season beauty routine look like ? Tell me in the comments !

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