How to choose facial care products ?

How to choose facial care products

Radiant, clean, healthy skin. That's the kind of skin every girl dreams of having. Alas, not all of us can boast an even complexion and no breakouts without using cosmetics, and insidious pimples continually strive to spoil our image and mood. For particularly impressionable beauties, such an image in the mirror can ruin the whole day. They even go so far as to cancel meetings and appointments! 

Of course, lifestyle and health are important elements in the battle for beautiful skin, but there's one more thing that will help you achieve or maintain great results: proper care. 

The needs of young skin 

There is a myth that you should only take care of yourself when you get older. Apparently, the older a girl gets, the more attention she needs to give to grooming procedures. But this approach is fundamentally flawed. Young skin needs regular care just as much as aging skin ! The secret is that there is a certain set of funds that meet its needs at different ages. 

Today, brands offer specialized product lines for skin care up to age 25, which are distinguished by a wide selection of products, a pleasant texture, and do not cause discomfort, tightness, or stickiness. 

Young skin is firm, elastic, and able to recover quickly thanks to its great regenerative properties. It does not need funds for intensive nutrition. 

Until the age of 25, the skin needs:

Cleaning-to eliminate inflammation and limit the intensive work of the sebaceous glands ;

Hydration-to maintain the optimal level of hydration and freshness ;

Protection from the sun-ultraviolet rays are considered one of the main enemies of youth, as they contribute to premature aging.

Knowing some points helps to avoid mistakes in the choice of care. To start, you need to:

  • Determine your skin type;
  • Understand which skincare cosmetics you essentially need;
  • Choose products whose composition respects the environment;
  • Plan their use, which will ensure the most effective results.

Why is it important to know your skin type? 

Skin types

The best skincare products are those that work on your skin. Classifying products by type was not invented in vain. Knowing this means you don't waste money on products that aren't right for you. Every skin type has its own problems, and the wrong choice of skin care cosmetics will only exacerbate them. Oily skin will shine even more, and dry skin will peel. Why do you have problems? Skin care is necessary to restore balance and enhance natural virtues.

The characteristics of the different types of skin care 

Normal type. It has an even tone and is smooth as the pores remain invisible. Fluctuating temperatures on the street do not affect its condition, as it is able to recover quickly. 

Skin care tips Use products that promote healthy skin. These can be base lines with a vitamin composition. 

Oily character Its main problems are dilated pores and excessive sebaceous gland activity. As a result, clogged pores, blackheads, irritation, and rashes are common. 

What can you do about it? Clean regularly, choose products to dry and eliminate inflammation. It is important to stop using alcohol-based cosmetics. 

Dry type. The skin is tight, very sensitive, and often flakes and reddens, which is due to low sebaceous gland activity. 

Apply cosmetic products with a gentle and soothing effect. The greatest attention should be paid to nutrition and moisturizing. 

Combined type. The skin is conditionally divided into areas, each with different properties—on the forehead and nose, there is an oily glow; on the chin and cheeks, there is dryness and increased irritability. 

How to take care of this type of skin? It is necessary to choose products carefully so that all areas of the face receive their own care mode.

The facial regimen

facial skin care regimen

The best care is global. Use cosmetics from the same brand so that the products do not conflict with each other and complement each other harmoniously. 

The regimen consists of four care steps: 

  • Cleansing-face wash, masks, scrubs. 
  • Toning-toners and lotions. 
  • Nutrition-creams, serums, masks. 
  • Moisturizing-creams, masks.

Selection of skin care products for the face. 

Cleansing foam or gel. used to clean the face after makeup removal. The composition and type of product—gel or foam—are also selected individually. Gels have a thicker texture and are able to cleanse more deeply and intensely, so they are recommended for people with oily tendencies. Foams have a much lighter texture and are suitable for dry and normal skin. In fact, foam can be replaced by mousse. In terms of effect, these tools are almost identical. 

Foams, gels, and toilet foams should be used daily, mainly in the evening. 

Lotions. They ensure cleanliness, clean and tighten pores, give a healthy look and remove the greasy sheen. Sometimes the product may contain salicylic acid, which is added to relieve inflammation. These products are suitable for people with oily or combination skin. 

Deep cleansing lotions remove blackheads and large pores. Some products also contain hyaluronic acid, which improves elasticity. 

For dry and sensitive skin, a mild toner is suitable, which forms a protective film on the face. Ideally, if the composition contains thermal water, 

It is recommended to use the lotion regularly, 3 to 5 times a week after makeup removal and washing. 

Face masks They have different properties depending on their composition. Here, the type of skin is particularly important. Masks are used for extra cleansing, moisturizing, and creating a matifying effect, so when selecting a product, read the ingredients carefully. 

Natural clay-based masks will be effective for oily skin, as they have a matifying, cleansing, and exfoliating effect. Aloe-based products help moisturize, and masks with essential oils soothe and eliminate irritation. Vitamin-based formulas will be useful for all types. 

You should use the foundations periodically—once every 1-2 weeks. Remember, too many masks means epidermal imbalance! 

Selection of skin care products for the face

Exfoliation This product is an ideal way to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove blackheads, micro-inflammations, and other imperfections. After its application, the face becomes smooth, healthy, and attractive. Scrubs are necessary to renew the cells of the epidermis. Choose an exfoliating agent, also taking into account your skin type. 

The frequency of use is 1 to 2 times a week. 

Cream. Use it for hydration and nutrition. You can choose a cream with UV protection to kill two birds with one stone. For oily skin, you should choose a light texture so as not to clog the pores; for dry skin, a denser texture. 

The cream should be applied daily. In the morning—before applying makeup; in the evening—after thorough cleansing of the skin. 

Skin care in summer and winter: is there a difference? 

The answer is unequivocal: yes. The different seasons require a certain amount of attention from the facial skin. In the summer, there is an excess of ultraviolet rays. What does it threaten? Age spots, flaking and redness. Do you remember that UV rays contribute to premature aging? Consider this when choosing skin care products in the summer and look for creams with UV protection. 

Winter is no less stressful for the skin. Due to the wind and frost on the street and the dry air in the room, skin can become dry and flaky. To help solve this problem, funds whose composition contains cocoa and shea butter will be useful. 

Skin care in summer and winter

Final words, 

You should take care of your skin at any age, even if you are young and carefree as ever. 

It is important to know your skin type. This will help you choose the right skin care products and get the desired effect. 

Follow the facial care regimen-a hard and fast rule. Your makeup bag should contain cleansing, toning, nourishing, and moisturizing products. 

In winter and summer, special attention is required due to the increased influence of adverse external factors. 

These modest tips will help you look great every day and be proud of the healthy, glowing skin on your face!

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