15 Basic Healthy Skin Care Habits | Expert Tips for Youthful & Glowing Skin

 15 Basic Healthy Skin Care Habits | Expert Tips for Youthful & Glowing Skin

Every girl is looking for healthy skin care habits that will allow her to keep her skin young and healthy. Modern innovations allow women to look younger, but these procedures are often very expensive. But, oddly enough, the key to beautiful, youthful skin is following the right habits. After all, no amount of injections or visits to the beautician can replace daily skin care. Anything that appears on our face is a sign that our body is not functioning properly. Pimples and acne can be the result of gastrointestinal problems, and the first wrinkles can appear even if there is a water imbalance in the body. So it's especially important to practice the right habits to help your skin stay fresh, clean and beautiful. Here are 15 healthy skin care habits to maintain youthful skin:

Drink plenty of water.

Healthy Skin Care Habits - Drink water

Water is a source of youth and energy. Often, when your body cries out for more water, you simply don't notice. Clean drinking water flushes toxins from the body, the buildup of which leads to skin rashes, swelling under the eyes, conjunctivitis, and gray skin. Watch what you drink throughout the day. Tea, coffee, fruit juices, and even more sodas do not maintain water balance in the body. The daily human fluid requirement is 40 grams per kilogram of body weight. In other words, the average person should consume 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day. On an empty stomach, drink one and a half glasses of pure water, and during the day, carry two-liter bottles with you and drink them gradually.

Use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

Ultraviolet rays are dangerous in summer and winter. To protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays and prevent photoaging, one of the essential healthy skin care habits you should adopt is to use sunscreen year-round. Here are some professional tips for choosing a cream with SPF.

Apply moisturizer to your skin.

Moisturize your face daily. When choosing a cream, focus primarily on your age and skin type. For younger skin, one moisturizer in the morning and evening will suffice. Professionals advise girls over 35 to care for different parts of their faces separately. Your daily skin care routine should include an eye cream, patches, a night and day face cream, and a d├ęcolletage cream.

Seek nutritional balance by adjusting your diet.

Healthy Skin Care Habits - Adjust your diet

Often, the main cause of various rashes and skin problems is food. It's not hard to guess that fatty and fried foods, trans fats, sugar, sodas, and alcohol make skin problems worse. But dangerous provocateurs are also dairy products, baked goods, and even caffeine. It's almost impossible to say no to all of these products overnight. However, if your desire to be healthy and beautiful, both on the outside and on the inside, is great, then you should at least cut back on these foods and control their quantity. For example, replace your usual cappuccino or latte with a strong Americano in the morning. Replace cow's milk with plant milk and include beet, grapefruit, carrot, and orange juice in your diet. They are rich in vitamin C.

Use scrubs once or twice a week.

Scrubs help exfoliate old cells from the surface of the epidermis and also help stimulate blood circulation. And the new, young cells give the skin a fresher look and unmatched softness. But don't overdo it with at-home peels because, in addition to the benefits, they can also cause significant damage.

Remove toxins and dirt from the skin properly.

Another suggestion for healthy skin care habits is to visit a public bath once a week. Bathing is the best way to cleanse the body from the inside and thus the skin of toxins. There are few real contraindications to bathing. Choose a place where you can take a steam bath with pleasure: a Russian bath, a Finnish sauna, a Japanese furaco, a Turkish hammam.

Encourage adequate rest.

Healthy Skin Care Habits - Get Enough Sleep

According to scientific research, cellular respiration increases at night, the rate of collagen and elastin formation increases, and the detoxification and regeneration processes intensify. At night, the skin recovers twice as fast as during the day, but it should be remembered that the peak of this recovery is between the second and fifth hour of sleep. So, when thinking about the question of what the skin does during sleep, don't think that it rests and does nothing; the dermis at these times works for your beauty.

Cleanse your face before going to bed every day.

Everyone knows that makeup ruins the beauty of our skin. In fact, high quality toners, on the contrary, protect against the dust and germs that surround us on the street. The most important thing is to clean the skin before going to bed. It is during sleep that the pores of our skin must "breathe" and regenerate. Therefore, don't be lazy and make it a habit to always clean your face well before going to bed and the next morning after waking up. Indeed, at night, metabolic processes are actively taking place in our body, during which various secretions can appear on the skin.

Exercise moderately.

The list of healthy skin care habits would not be complete without mentioning physical activity. Indeed, the habit of walking regularly at a moderate pace, with proper breathing and a straight back, allows the body to be saturated with oxygen and eliminate toxins to the maximum. Make it a habit to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

Massage your skin from time to time.

Healthy Skin Care Habits - Massage your face

A good massage of the face and neck improves blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, which helps relieve swelling and increases oxygen saturation of the tissues, improving their nutrition. There are many techniques that allow you to do a facial at home. However, carefully select the information on the Internet and consult with professionals.

See a beautician on a regular basis.

No matter how good the cosmetic skin care products you use are, they do not guarantee eternal youthfulness of the skin. It can even be difficult to determine your own skin type, let alone the right anti-aging cream. A visit to a beautician is extremely important.

Make it a rule to visit a beautician once or twice a year. And it is not at all necessary to sign up for every cosmetic procedure and spend money on expensive injections! A specialist will assist you in fine-tuning your at-home facial and will recommend effective cosmetics.

Use satin or silk pillowcases.

If you use old-fashioned cotton pillowcases, it's time to change the routine. The skin hugs the pillowcase fabric perfectly and rubs against it. And that only contributes to the appearance of "creases" and fine wrinkles on the side of your face you sleep on most often. This is true even if your bedding is made from expensive, high-quality fabrics.

Replace your pillowcase with one made of natural silk. This material, because of its softness and smoothness, does not create active friction when it comes into contact with the skin. Instead, the skin glides gently over the silk. The best solution for those who care about preserving the youthfulness of the cover.

Keep your cell phone clean.

Healthy Skin Care Habits - Clean your phone

A cell phone, just like your fingers, can carry bacteria on your face. Even if you have a modern smartphone without buttons, dirt still "settles" on the surface of its screen. And then it gets on your skin and can cause acne and irritation to develop.

There's a simple solution. Wipe your phone cover with an antibacterial wipe at least once a day. And always leave it in a case, not just in your purse or on the table or such.

Use natural skin care products.

You can't talk about healthy skin care habits without mentioning "organic" or "natural" products. Simply because they are safe and have anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. So when using skin care products, make sure they contain natural ingredients.

Manage stress.

Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne and other skin problems. Take steps to relieve stress for a healthy skin and mental state. Get enough sleep, set reasonable limits for yourself, cut down on your to-do list, and spend time on the things you love. The results may be more dramatic than you think.

Have you read our entire list of healthy skin care habits? Now is the time to start adopting them regularly. If you have a serious skin condition, consider consulting a dermatologist before adopting a new skin care routine.
And finally, don't forget that consistent skin care, a very healthy lifestyle with physical activity and a balanced diet are the key to good results.

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