Four Effective Homemade Sunburn Remedies | Sunburn on the Face or Body

Four Effective Homemade Sunburn Remedies | Sunburn on the Face or Body

A sunburn is an inflammation of the skin caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. The good news is that there are several homemade sunburn remedies that anyone can use.

Actually, the sun is good for us; we need it so that our bodies can produce vitamin D. However, if you forget to apply sunscreen or stay in the sun too long, you will quickly get a sunburn. This is harmful to the skin and can be painful.

What to do if your skin just starts to burn in the sun?

Effective Homemade Sunburn Remedies | First Aid

You can get burned not only at the beach but also while walking around town, working on personal property, etc. The sun gradually heats the skin and head. You may not feel any discomfort for a while, but you will notice redness, burning, and tightness when the skin is already severely burned. A minor burn can be treated at home, but if blisters appear, a doctor should be consulted.

At the first sign of burning or overheating, you should move into the room or shade. If this is not possible, cover the open areas of the body with clothing, a towel or a thick piece of cloth. Fill in the lack of fluid in the body. Drink clean, cool water or lukewarm but not hot tea. A cool (but not cold) shower or a compress on the affected parts of the body will help relieve unpleasant symptoms. Refresh and clean your skin. Apply an anti-burn ointment with panthenol to quickly restore the damaged epidermis and prevent blistering and peeling.

To reduce discomfort, if there are no blisters or open wounds, apply an after-sun cream or other emollient, such as panthenol, to the skin. If the damage is minor, it will take 3 to 5 days to restore the skin after a sunburn.

Signs of sunburned skin

Homemade Sunburn Remedies | Signs of sunburned skin

To avoid the onset of a deep sunburn, you should periodically check for signs of burning. The first symptom is redness of the skin. You may not feel any pain or other discomfort. They will appear later.

It is necessary to determine the degree of skin damage. If there is redness and slight pain but no blisters, first aid should be given, and in a few days the redness will pass. It is possible that the skin starts to peel off. This is not dangerous, but it increases the risk of a second, more serious burn if exposed to the sun.

If blisters appear, you should seek medical attention and treat them with anti-burn ointments and medications that relieve inflammation and prevent infection. Treatment is done under the supervision of a health care professional. Patients often experience fever, swelling, headaches, weakness, and palpitations.

Popular homemade sunburn remedies

In the case of ultraviolet burns, you should administer first aid as soon as possible. But the home first aid kit does not always contain the necessary medications. You can replace them with some popular remedies.

Cottage cheese for sunburn

Homemade Sunburn Remedies | Cottage cheese

One of the most popular homemade sunburn remedies is traditional cottage cheese. You can use it to make a cooling pillow. Spread a small amount of cottage cheese on the affected skin areas and cover them with a cloth.

Do not leave the quark wrap on for more than 15 minutes; otherwise, the quark will contract and stimulate blood circulation. The cooling effect is reversed and additionally warms the areas already more irrigated by sunburn.

You can also apply a thick layer of plain yogurt on the burned skin and cover it with a cloth. Remove the mask before it dries to avoid further irritating the skin. Doctors do not recommend using lemon, salt, or vinegar poultices, as they also irritate the skin.

This advice does not apply to sunburn blisters! You should not treat them with quark, as the lactic acid bacteria in quark can promote further inflammation and infection in the body through open wounds.

Treating sunburn with coconut oil

Homemade Sunburn Remedies | Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has skin-care properties. This is why it is one of the most popular homemade sunburn remedies. Thanks to its antibacterial effect, it promotes the healing process of small wounds.

Aloe vera as a home remedy for sunburn

Homemade Sunburn Remedies | Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also listed among the natural homemade sunburn remedies. The juice of this medicinal plant can help in the first aid of wounds. To do this, cut the leaves of the aloe vera plant lengthwise and place the sticky side of the leaf directly on the skin. You can also use ointments or gels sold in pharmacies. The exact effectiveness of aloe vera in inflammatory skin diseases has not yet been scientifically proven.

Black tea as a home remedy for sunburn

Homemade Sunburn Remedies | Black Tea

In addition to quark, you can also use black tea as a home remedy for sunburn for refreshing wraps. It is rich in antioxidants and tannins. Black tea can soothe sunburned skin and minimize flaking. To do this, soak a cloth in the cooled black tea and treat the affected areas of skin with the home remedy. To prevent sunburn in isolated areas, you can also place the cooled tea bag directly on the skin. Unlike cottage cheese, you don't need to wash the black tea off your skin.

What not to do after a sunburn

Homemade Sunburn Remedies | Mistakes to Avoid

Complications after a sunburn are often due to improper treatment. To avoid falling into this situation,

  • Do not apply ice to the burned areas. Do not take a cold shower. A sharp drop in temperature accelerates the development of the inflammatory process;
  • Do not pierce the blisters with a needle or other sharp object. This increases the risk of infection;
  • Do not wipe the skin with solutions containing alcohol. The skin needs to be moisturized and alcohol dries it out, which increases peeling;
  • Do not lubricate burned areas with olive, sunflower, or other vegetable oils. These oils form a greasy film that prevents normal air exchange and natural cooling.
  • If you have blisters, sores, or acne, avoid using fermented milk products.
  • Do not use hard washcloths or peels to speed up the exfoliation; you can hurt the skin.

Remember that at this stage, the skin needs to be softened, moisturized and protected from ultraviolet rays with sunscreen or tight clothing. So avoid using scrubs and hard washcloths, going to saunas, and taking hot baths.

If you have a severe sunburn, you should seek medical attention. If the sunburn is very severe or serious, such as blistering, you should see a doctor. The same is true if you have a fever, nausea, dizziness, or a severe headache. It could be heat stroke or sunstroke.

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