When it comes to cosmetics, there are certain things you are not supposed to know

A universal female mentality is "I want to be attractive !" For this reason, many women purchase high-end cosmetics from international brands and painstakingly care for their skin. If you follow the trend, you will undoubtedly come across elegant creams priced at $800. Because it costs $800, the customer believes that if it is used, it should not fail to function. On the other hand, expensive cosmetics are the consequence of a number of variables, including profit maximization, the use of difficult-to-find components, newly invented specialty compounds, and large advertising budgets. "It works because it costs 800 dollars." Are you serious ? No one can guarantee this. This is known as "premium skin care for problematic skin." If you end up injuring your skin, you've actually walked on toes. When skin stem cells decline due to UV radiation and aging, collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis cease to be normal, and skin aging continues. Cosmetics are then utilized to make up for the reduced quantities of these substances on the skin's surface.

Nothing beats not having to put on makeup when it comes to dressing. It's true, but putting cosmetics on may often be harmful.

Poison that we willingly buy


Due to their strong odor and alcohol content, prolonged use of cosmetics usually causes cheek stains and burning. People often use the same cosmetics for more than ten years, but it may be useful to modify the method you apply them or even the cosmetics themselves. Changing the method you use your cosmetics or changing the products themselves is also a smart idea. In this instance, choosing goods with as few synthetic elements as possible is critical. It's also crucial to choose a product that you believe would benefit you. Although there are certain suggestions, such as vitamin C for spots and vitamin A for wrinkles, it is also feasible to take just the elements from meals or supplements. It's also crucial to pick a product based on how comfy and aromatic it is after you've used it, since this is something you'll be using for a long time. Because skin care is all about consistency, it's also crucial to trust your instincts about whether you'll feel comfortable continuing.

Cosmetics today include a wide range of chemically manufactured substances and boast a number of benefits. These synthetic substances are mostly formed from petroleum and are harmful to humans when ingested through the skin or mouth. They can damage cells and cause cancer if they are left to accumulate. Using cosmetics is like ingesting poison. Chemical cosmetics include elements that are harmful to begin with, which may surprise you. Because they enter the bodies of fish and harm the health of those who eat them, marine plastic waste has become a serious societal problem. Therefore, the amount of components that can be used in cosmetics is strictly regulated by legislation. Manufacturers are not permitted to employ bleaching compounds above regulatory limits just because they increase the bleaching effect. Food additives and residual pesticides may also enter the body and have a harmful impact on health, which is a cause for worry. It's terrifying, but is there another way?

Adopting healthy habits and behaviors may be beneficial

All of this leads us to assume that organic cosmetics are safe to use. Natural herbs, such as rosemary, have a nice perfume that soothes the mind and makes you seem appealing whenever you use them. Many organic goods include preservatives, penetrants, and other chemically created ingredients, so carefully evaluate their components. If a product is certified organic, you may be certain that it includes at least 95% organic components. Nevertheless, some certifying agencies allow synthetic additions in the remaining 5%. So be careful. Because chemically sensitive skin, such as rosacea-type dermatitis, may have allergic reactions such as wetting or redness. In this instance, it is critical to double-check the ingredients and use only natural, organic ingredients.

Face wash, toner and cream are often used in this order, but it is also crucial to leave time between these processes. It is not a good idea to use the toner immediately after the face wash or to use the cream immediately after the toner. Because the face is dry after cleansing, the toner needs time to penetrate the skin. It will penetrate more easily if you use the toner right after cleansing, when the skin is still moist and supple. On the other hand, when the cream is applied after the lotion has not completely soaked into the skin, penetration is hindered. After applying the lotion, wait a few minutes for it to penetrate completely. Apply a cream to the skin only after the lotion has been completely absorbed. This small distinction can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your skin care routine. If you rush through your morning skin care routine because you're in a hurry, you're wasting half your cosmetics.

Choosing the right soap to wash your face is a crucial part of skin care. Soap is a common and often forgotten product, but it comes in different concentrations. You risk damaging your skin if you use commercial soap, as it removes too much of the necessary oil. You need to consider the pressure you are putting on your skin by using the wrong type of soap. For this reason, it is generally advisable not to wash your face. However, allergens in the air, such as pollen and PM2.5, cannot stay on the skin, so washing them is a necessary evil. Washing and scrubbing the face more than necessary, for example by double cleansing, causes the skin to stretch. The natural barrier function of the skin is also damaged, leading to excessive sebum production, removal of the sebum film, weakening of the barrier function and the appearance of pimples, as well as further washing of the skin without knowing why, leading to a vicious circle in which what can be cured cannot be. This is why it is said that "facial cleansing is the foundation of skin care". It is crucial to remember that the stratum corneum, which acts as a barrier, is only 0.02 mm thick, which is roughly equivalent to two sheets of Saran Wrap.

Are you still not persuaded that it's time to revamp our beauty routines ?

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